Study Tools

Imam W. D. Mohammed


Introducing the Imam W. Deen Mohammed Study Library

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Imam W


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An excellent resource for anyone following the teachings
of Imam W. Deen Mohammed


The  Qur’an  Word-by-Word

Qur’an Search


To assist in your Qur’anic study you can also access a copy of the Dictionary of The Holy Qur’an by clicking on this link.  This is the dictionary by ‘Abdul Mannân ‘Omar  that was recommended by Imam W. Deen Mohammed before his passing.  May Allah (SWT) Bless him with the highest station in Paradise.


Access a table of the Arabic alphabets and their meaning by clicking this link:
Arabiyya -The Arabic Alphabet


The following link is to The Life of Muhammad (PDF format) by the renown scholar Muhammad Husayn Haykal:  Life of Muhammad by Haykal.


The Fitr Critical Thinking Model

With keen insights from Imam W. Deen Mohammed this information provides a very powerful tool for study. Click on the following link to view or download this file. TheFitrCriticalModel.


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